1 - Making that old laptop usable again by installing Ubuntu

Most of us have an old laptop that has served well for many years but it is not capable of running well anymore under Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Well, old laptops are still able to work for years if a less demanding Operating System it is installed. Operating systems based on Linux, like Ubuntu, are much less demanding and run well even on very old laptops. 

If you cannot afford a new laptop, if you need a second laptop for menial tasks and you don’t want to buy a new one, if your children are old enough to start learning but there is no point of buying them a new PC/laptop yet, get that old laptop up and running again.

Ubuntu is for free and very easy to install. Have a look to this post and get that laptop back to life in no time

old laptop ubuntu

2 - Recycle the magnets from old toys

recycle toy magnet

Christmas is over and those small little cute toys that sing Christmas sons are running out of batteries. At some point they are going to finish in the bin but first there are two important tasks that need to be looked after.

The first one, we are going to retrieve the battery and get it to a recycle center. The second one, we are going to retrieve the magnet and reuse it.

The rule of thumb is, if it makes noise it has a magnet and a battery inside. 

If we just throw the toy away we are not only wasting a magnet that we can use around the house but also unintentionally harming the environment.

3 - Recycle the motors from old toys

At some point every toy breaks and it needs to be thrown away. Most of us will retrieve first the batteries and then throw the rest without giving it a second thought, but if we are doing that we are wasting material that could be reused.

The rule of thumb is, if it moves it has a motor and a battery inside.  

If your child it is in age of start going to school, most probably at some point they will have to work on some projects and some small motors may come handy. As those small motors do not use that much space, just retrieve them from the old toys and keep them stored until you have need of them. 

recycle toy motor

4 - Use the toilet paper rolls as biodegradable seedling pots

For those of us who like to grow plants, there is a readily available and inexpensive option to those biodegradable seedling pots that we can buy in the garden shops.

No need anymore of spending money buying seedling pots and, also, no need to find space to store those pots that we are not using straight away. Whenever we want to grow some seeds, just easily transform those toilet paper rolls into biodegradable seedling pots.

toilet paper seedling pot
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