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How to earn crypto

If you have arrived here that means that you, like most of us, are surfing the web. The laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone that you are using consumes electricity that you have to pay every month so why not to earn some passive income while surfing the web and use those earnings to, for example, pay for part of your electricity bill.

The Brave browser rewards their user for clicking on ads and it is an effortless way of earning BAT tokens while browsing the internet. Why not to earn some cash every month by just using the Brave browser instead of other browser like Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

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Passive income Brave

Additionally, the Presearch search engine reward their user for just making searches. Every search you make (like in Google, Firefox,…) earns you 0,25 PRE tokens which is a small earning but as the Presearch engine becomes more and more popular, the more value the PRE tokens will have in the future. 

For more information have a look to this post

Passive income Presearch

If you have ever considered to start learning about Crypto currencies, earning some BAT or PRE tokens may open some doors to knowledge without having to invest any money. 

Earn crypto from reading and writing

Do you know that you can read, write, learn and at the same time get rewards? It is a win-win situation from which anyone can benefit with minimum effort.

Read.cash is a website where anyone can publish articles and pots about any topic. You just needs to register, write a short post or an article and receive rewards for sharing with others. Good content and regular contributions are rewarded the most and they are paid in the form of Bitcoin cash. You can even receive rewards from commenting on other people’s posts…

For those who have never written about any topic before, read.cash is the perfect site to start giving you first posting/blogging steps. You may realize that once you start writing, and earning, it is actually enjoyable and easier than expected. Get out of your comfort zone and start reaping the benefits.


The publish0x website is a site which is mostly dedicated to blockchain and crypto. The authors from this website publish articles and get rewarded by tips. The tips are not coming from the reader but from the website itself and the people reading the posts just need to decide what percentage is to be allocated to the writers and what percentage the reader will keep. Actually, in publish0x you can also publish your blockchain or crypto related posts so you can earn tips from the people reading them. 

In fact, publish0x is probably the best site to start learning about blockchain and crypto because you read, you learn and you are rewarded are in the form of cryptocurrencies like BAT, DAI or Loopring. 


There are other places from you can earn passive income from reading and writing but read.cash and publish0x are probably the most straightforward ones. 

Earn crypto from cryptocurrencies faucets

A crypto faucet is a website that will reward you with cryptocurrency in exchange for viewing ads or completing simple tasks. A crypto faucet it is the easies and cheapest way to get some (very) small amounts of cryptocurrencies for free.

Crypto faucets are most suitable for two types of people.

1.- Those who want to start learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, want to experiment with wallets but don’t enough cash or knowledge to buy cryptocurrencies

2.- Those who have 5 or 10 minutes available and want to utilize that time to earn some crypto because every little counts. 

Crypto Faucet

We don’t like those faucets that don’t allow you to withdraw your tokens unless you have accumulated a minimum amount. It may take several months to acquire that minimum amount… so the faucets that we will be recommending are those that require minimum effort and time (less than one minute) and do have not a minimum withdrawal amount.

Also, we have noticed that some faucets that can be setup to ‘autoclaim’ and run on the background seem to be consuming resources, like processing power, so we will not be covering any faucet which consume computer resources.

1. – Global Hive 

Earn crypto by watching videos at Lbry.tv

Lbry.tv it is decentralized content sharing and publishing platform. Everyone knows what YouTube is so, to keep the explanation simple, in Lbry.tv you can watch videos o publish you own content as you would do on Youtube but with the difference that in Lbry.tv you will get rewards by watching videos or publishing your own content.

LBC is the Lbry.tv token and can be earned by watching videos, publishing videos, getting subscribers to your channel or subscribing to other creators channels.

Lbry.tv rewards

Lbry.tv it is just a relatively new platform but because it is decentralized and the channels cannot be banned and the content cannot just be deleted, it is gaining popularity specially from those authors that have been censored in other platforms. 

Most definitely, Lbry.tv has still a long way in front before the user experience can reach the same comfort level as, for example, in Youtube. 

Still, personally, I follow some content creators that publish their content both in Youtube and in Lbry.tv so I watch their content in Lbry.tv because this way I support this decentralized project and at the same time I effortlessly I earn some LBC tokens.  

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Earn crypto while surfing the web

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