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Website costs calculator

Building a website it is not cost free so you need to have an idea on how much money you need to put aside from your savings until you start making enough money from your website.

Our calculators will enable you to calculate a budget and make sure that you are not running into cash flow problems before start earning enough from advertisement, affiliate marketing or even selling your own products.

Build your first website

Website startup cost

If you want to build a website but you need to learn first how to do it, this calculator will give you an approximation on how much will it cost during the first year to launch your own website.

Udemy training: Udemy is one the greatest places where to learn about website development

Siteground: Siteground is not the cheapest web hosting platform but it is reliable and their support is great.

– Front End with WordPress and Elementor: Forget about coding, using WordPress in combination with Elementor allows you to just drag and place website blocks. A simple, quick and trouble free combination

Wordfence Security Software: After putting a lot of work on your website, you don’t want having a hacker taking advantage of it. Get a security software license so nobody can mess with your hard work.


Website maintenance costs

Your website it is up an running, you have already all the necessary knowledge but the first year it is over an it is time to renew licenses and consider some additional costs. This calculator will give you an approximation on how much it will cost you to keep your website ‘alive’.

How to save
How to save
How to earn
How to earn


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