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Bathtub water usage and cost

Bathtubs are handy at home, especially if you have small children.

Still, the water usage of a bathtub can be considerable, so it is wise to know how much water a bathtub holds and the water cost of filling it up.

How much water does a bathtub hold

On average, a bathtub holds between 130 to 190 liters of water. That is around 80 gallons.

If you want to know how much water your bathtub uses, you must take some simple steps.

Bathtub water usage and cost

If you want to know how much water your bathtub is using, you need to take some simple steps:

> First, make sure that nobody else uses water at home (e.g., tap water, washing machine,…)

> Record your meter reading water consumption value

> Fill up your bathtub (have a nice and relaxing bath… with lots of bubbles)

> Record your meter reading water consumption value again

> Subtract the values

Note that you will probably have two water meter readers at home, one for cold water and another for hot water. You must record both meter reading values before and after filling your bathtub.

How to read a water meter

Before moving ahead, and because one image is worth a thousand words, we recommend watching this YouTube video where we explain how to read a water meter.

How to read a water meter

Bathtub water cost calculator

Once you know your bathtub water consumption, you can use the calculator below to estimate the water usage and water cost over a year.

You need to adjust the values in the PARAMETERS section to your requirements, and the calculator will automatically display the RESULTS section.


To use the calculator, you must know how much you pay for cubic meters, gallons, or any other water measurement unit used in your country.

If you don’t have this information, look at the information below.

How much does water cost

On your contract or water bill, you should be able to find how much you pay per cubic meter or gallon of water you use.

The water cost will depend on what country or city you live in.

According to this water prizes survey article, North America and Western Europe are the areas with the most expensive water. At the same time, areas like South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa have the cheapest water. 

In this other European cities water prize article, the big price difference between European countries can be appreciated from Italy, with the cheapest water cost and 0.40 euros per cubic meter, to Norway, with the most expensive water at 5.51 euros per liter.

Liters to US gallons calculator

We know that not everyone uses liters, so you can use this calculator to convert liters to US gallons if you are from the US.


Liters to UK gallons calculator

Equally, if you are from the UK, you can use this calculator to convert liters to UK gallons.


Water usage calculators

Here are a few other examples from our ‘Water usage and water cost calculators‘ page that may be of your interest:

How to use less water at home

We have a page dedicated to explaining how to save water at home.

For example, see a few examples and videos below on using less water at home and saving money.

How to install a shower water flow regulation valve

If you want to learn how to reduce your bathroom’s water consumption, look at this post on how to reduce your shower’s water usage by installing a flow reduction valve.

Water flow regulation valve

Save water by using the dishwasher

Additionally, you may look at the post where we review what is more efficient, washing the dishes by hand or using the dishwasher.

Dishwasher electricity and water usage

How to install a water saving tap aerator

You may also want to look at this YouTube video, where we explain how much water a tap aerator saves and how to install a water-saving tap aerator.

Water saving tap aerator

Proven ways to save water at home

If you are looking for ideas to save water at home, look at this YouTube video, where we show some useful tips to reduce water usage at home and decrease the water bill. 

Proven ways to save water at home

The importance of water conservation

Water conservation can be defined as the decision and the act of using less water. 

Water conservation both benefit you and the environment  

The act of saving and conserving water does benefit you because you will be paying less for your water bills. 

And it also benefits the environment because conserving water prevents unnecessary waste of natural resources.

At the individual level, saving a few liters or gallons here or there may not look worth trying. 

Still, every little one counts, and if hundreds or thousands of us save a little every time, it will make an important contribution towards conserving our natural resources.

Water conservation calculator

If we could reduce our bathtub water usage, even a very small amount, it would greatly impact preserving our natural resources.


For example, if 9000 households would manage to save as little as 5 liters of water per day:

> Collectively, we would save over 16,000,000 liters of water annually!

> Collectively, assuming a cost of 2 euros per cubic meter of water, we would be saving nearly 33,000 euros per year!

Small water savings do count when looking into the bigger picture.
How to save
How to save
How to earn
How to earn


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