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Freezer repair or replace calculator

A freezer should last between 12 to 20 years.

Freezers are one of the longest lasting home appliances.

But, once the freezer starts having problems, then it is the time to consider if it is worth to repair it or if it would be better to buy a new one.

Freezer repair or replace

To help you, the information that we are sharing on this page should help you to make an informed decision.

Freezer replace or repair - Saving on electricity

The electricity usage of the freezer it is the first parameter to consider before making the ‘Repair Vs Replace’ decision.

This is because the newer freezer models are much more efficient than freezers from 8, 10 or 12 years ago and their electricity usage is much lower.

And it may worth to but an energy efficient freezer that is going to save money on electricity year over year, rather than paying and expensive repair bill for an old model freezer.

For the new freezer models, it is quite straightforwards to find the electricity usage and the electricity cost. 

In most cases, it is possible to find the freezer energy efficiency label on the shops, displayed on the appliance, or by browsing for them on the internet.

freezer power consumption

Once we know the power consumption per year, and how much we are paying to our electricity provider per kWh, it is quite simple to find out the electricity cost.


For example:

– If the freezer is using 0.46 kWh of electricity per day.

– If the user is paying 0,217 euro, dollars, pounds… per kWh

– The yearly electricity cost of the freezer is a around 36.5 euro, dollar, pounds…

But for older freezer models, it may take a few more steps to find the electricity usage and electricity cost.

Still, even for older freezer models, the power consumption must be displayed on a label attached to the device. And, usually, the power consumption of older freezer models will be displayed in Watts.

But once we know the power consumption, it is also quite simple to find out the electricity usage.

If on an old freezer you are not able to find any label displaying the power consumption, you may be interested on learning how to measure the power consumption using a plug in power meter.

Plug in power meter

Simple freezer repair or replace calculator

From the electricity usage standpoint, the calculator below can help you with making the decision between replace and repair.

But, in short:

– If the repair cost is medium or high, most probably it is worth to replace a freezer. The only exceptions would be if the electricity usage is very low or the life expectancy is low.

– If the repair cost is low most probably it is worth to repair the freezer. The only exception would be if the electricity usage is very high or the life expectancy is very low.

– There are some grey areas in between, but the calculator below should allow you to make an informed decision.


As show on the calculator, to buy a new freezer it does cost a considerable amount of money, but:

– The cost of NOT repairing the old freezer can be deducted from the cost of purchasing a new freezer, and that can already decrease the new freezer purchase cost considerably.

– As a new and more efficient freezer is going to save electricity and water, this saving should be considered and deducted from the new freezer purchase cost. 

– And, going further, the new freezer will be saving electricity and water for many years to come, so in the calculator we are taking the electricity and water savings for a 10 year time period.

Freezer replace or repair - Life expectancy and disposal cost

But there are two other importance factors that also need to be taken in consideration, and it is the life expectancy of the appliance.

Freezer life expectancy

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, a freezer should last between 12 to 20 years. 

But, in this matter, the freezer type and model are differentiating factors that will determine how long the freezer last.

– Cheaper comes with the quality downside and the freezers tend to have more problems and have a lower life span.

– Some freezer models are prone to problems, so it is worth to make some good research to avoid troublesome freezers that may need to be changed in just a handful of years.

Freezer disposal cost

An the disposal cost must not be forgotten, because the cost can be significant:

– To dispose a freezer can cost between 25 to 40 euros or US dollars.

If the freezer starts giving problems, even if they are small, it may be worth to sell it as a second hand appliance than waiting for it to break.

freezer per-owned

Not only you will get some cash from the old freezer, but also you will save on disposal costs.

And that money that you are earning and saving, can be used to decrease the cost of buying a new freezer.

Expanded freezer repair or replace calculator

On the expanded calculator we also consider the freezer disposal cost and the value of the old freezer when sold on the second hand market.

Here we are assuming that you have decided to sell your old freezer on the second hand market and you are going to get some cash out of it.

Also, once sold on the second hand market, someone will come to collect it and that you will be saving have to pay for disposal if you wait for the old freezer to break down. 


So, according to our calculator, a new freezer does cost 520 euro, dollars, pounds… but we applying the following savings:

– Money saved by not repair the old freezer.

– Money saved by the new freezer on electricity over a ten years period.

– Money earned by selling the old freezer on the second hand market.

– Money saved by not having to pay disposal costs

Then the purchase cost of the new freezer is reduced from 850 to 60 euro, dollars, pounds…

Consider the worst case scenario, in which you pay for the old freezer repairs and after one or two years it breaks down for good.

Then, you will need to pay for the old freezer disposal and still have to buy a new freezer.


It depends on the individual circumstances but it may be worth to replace an old freezer before it breaks or starts giving trouble.

If the repair cost is very high and the freezer is close to its average life expectancy, most probably it would be a better approach to buy a new one.

We hope that our calculators will support you with making a decision.

For more information the electricity usage of a freezer or how to find out the power consumption, visit our ‘Fridge electricity calculator’ page by clicking on the image below.

Freezer electricity usage calculator icon
Freezer electricity calculator
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