- Electricity usage calculators -

The first step towards reducing our electricity consumption is to increase our knowledge and awareness.

For that, there is not better way than calculating how much electricity we are using and how much money our electricity consumption it is costing us.

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- More useful calculators -

1 - Convert Watts to Kilowatt Hours

This calculator can be used to:

– Convert Watts (W) to Kilowatts (kW) 

kW = W/1000

– Convert Watts (W) to Kilowatt Hours (kWh)

kWh = (W/1000) x Hours

kWh is the measurement unit used by the electricity suppliers to calculate our electricity bills. 

Also, most of the big appliances, like the dishwashers or washing machines, rate their consumption in kWh.


2 - Power calculator

This calculator can be used to:

– Calculate Power (P) from Voltage (V) and Current (I).

– Calculate Wattage

-Calculate Watts

P = V x I


3 - Voltage calculator

This calculator can be used to:

– Calculate Voltage (V) from Power (P) and Current (I).

V = P/ I


4 - Current calculator

This calculator can be used to:

– Calculate Current (I) from Power (P) and Voltage (V).

-Calculate Amps

-Calculate Amperes

I = P / V


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