The first step towards reducing our electricity and water consumption is to increase our knowledge and awareness.

And there is not better way to increase our awareness than calculating how much water and electricity we are using. 

Electricity usage calculators

Electricity usage calculators

Why to struggle with complicate electrical calculations? 

Visit our Electricity usage calculators page and quickly and easily calculate your electricity usage and cost:

» Calculate the electricity usage and the electricity cost of your home appliances and devices.

» Find out the cost of having devices consuming power while in stand by.

» Convert Watts to Kilowatts, calculate voltage and current…

Fridge electricity usage calculator
Toaster electricity usage calculator
Iron electricity usage calculator
Incandescent bulb electricity usage calculator
Incancescent bulb
Watt (W)
Kilowatt (kW)
Kilowatt hour (kWh)
Kilowatt hour
Power, voltage, current
Power, Voltage, Current

Water usage calculators

Measure you water usage at home

Why to struggle with complicate calculations? Visit our water consumption calculators page and quickly and easily calculate your water consumption.

» Calculate the cost of running your home water taps.

» Find out if you are wasting too much water while having a shower.

» Convert Liters to US Gallons, US Gallons to UK Gallons,…

Dishwasher electricity usage calculator
Bath tube water usage calculator
Water tap water usage calculator
Water tap
Shower head water usage calculator
Shower head

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