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How to test home water quality

In our household, for at least four years, we have been drinking bottled water on daily basis and just recently we have learnt that most probably we have wasted hundreds and hundreds of euro.

Test your drinking water for contaminants

On this page we will show you how to find out if your tap water is safe to drink.

Tap water contaminants

The reason of why we started using bottled water was that we used to live in a country where the water quality was not the best. 

Additionally, we were aware that the water pipes that were used to bring water to the houses were very old.

tap water

Even by using chloride, the situation was so bad that there was one time when an entire city had to advice the citizens to stop using tap water for drinking and for weeks the citizens had to buy and use bottled water.

Then, a few years ago, we moved to another country and, as we were used to, we kept buying bottled water for daily use. But, some months ago, we decided to challenge this decision and our motivations:

– Is our tap water really that bad?

– Does our tap water contains any harmful substances that makes necessary to buy and use bottled water? 

After all, we were spending many hundreds or euro every year buying bottled water.

Drinking water test kit

We did look around for a test kit or device to test our tap water and we came across a test kit that seemed quite complete. 

The water safe test kit measures the levels of Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Copper, Iron, Nitrates, Nitrites, pH, Hardness and Chlorine.

Water safe. Test your home water for harmful substances

This test kit comes with quite clear instructions and so were able to perform most of the tests within one hour. Still, the only exception was the bacteria levels test which for which it takes up to 48 hours to shown a result. 

And… all the test showed that our tap water is absolutely perfect to drink. Furthermore, the tests show the results in particles per million (PPM) and all our tests results were within the lowest levels of particles.

Water safe - Test your home water for harmful substances

From one side, those were very positive news, that means that we can drink our tap water without any problem

On the other side, that means that over the years we had spent many hundreds of euro buying bottled water for nothing.

The cost of bottled water

And you, have you ever wondered how clean is the water coming out from your taps and if it contains have harmful contaminants or substances?

Ways to conserve water

Water conservation can be defined as the decision and the act of using less water

Water conservation both benefit you and the environment

The act of saving and conserving water does benefit you because you will be paying less on your water bills. 

And it also does benefit the environment because conserving water prevents any unnecessary waste of natural resources.

Now, at individual level it may not look worth to try to save a few litres or gallons here or there. 

Still, every little counts and if hundreds or thousands of us do save a little every time, it will make an important contribution towards conserving our natural resources.


For example, if 9000 households would manage to save as little as 5 liters of water per day:

> Collectively, we would be saving over 16,000,000 liters of water per year!

> Collectively, assuming a cost of 2 euro per cubic meter of water, we would be saving nearly 33,000 euro per year!

It is clear that small water savings do really count when looking into the bigger picture.

Proven ways to save water at home

How to save electricity at home

All our videos can be found in YouTube, in both English and Spanish languages.

Additionally, if you are looking for water saving opportunities but you don’t know where to start, use our water usage calculators to become aware of your water consumption, the water costs and the potential savings. 

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Water tap
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