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For most people, cryptocurrency and blockchain are vaguely familiar terms that are associated with Bitcoin and ‘stuff’ too complicated to understand or learn about.

To bridge the gap, Nimiq is making crypto simple and easy to use so everyone can learn about blockchain technology and start using cryptocurrencies.

The financial system revolution is already here and Nimiq will be your gateway towards learning and understanding cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. 

There are many opportunities already available to those who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and grab them. Will you?

What is Nimiq

How to open a NIMIQ account

Nimiq can be used by anyone who has access to a web browser (Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Opera,…). 

You can create a NIMIQ account in no time… if you don’t care too much about the avatar. 

If you are actually looking for a cute avatar, to open an account it may take a couple of minutes until you find the right one…

Just give it a try and you will see.

create Nimiq account

Once you have created your first account, there are a few ways to start earning your first NIM coins. After all, you don’t want just an empty account…

Earning NIM through a NIM faucet

First and easiest, you can get some small quantity of NIM through this Nimiq faucet

It used to be possible to get 1 NIM per day but recently the amount has been reduced to 0,1 NIM. Still, this is a super simple way to earn some NIM every 24 hours.

Nimiq faucet

Earning NIM by mining

The second way to get some coins it is by mining NIM through a web browser. Without going into too much detail, anyone can mine NIM through a web browser (Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Opera,…) but you must be aware that it will take processing power and electricity.

Still, if you are using your PC or laptop anyway, it may be worth having the Nimiq web browser miner running in the background as the additional amount of electricity consumed will not be significant. This way of earning NIM can be considered a way to earn passive income.

Just be aware that mining consumes CPU power which may make your PC run slower, but the processing power usage can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of threads.

The process is quite straightforward, once you know the basics, so it could be useful to first watch some Youtube videos and get to know the basics. Simply go to YouTube, type something like  ‘mining NIM through web browser’, and have a look at a couple of videos. 

As you can see, we mine NIM on daily basis and the rewards are automatically paid to our account.

Mining NIM

Mining NIM through the web browser is not the fastest or the most efficient way no mine NIM. As an alternative, it is possible to install a desktop miner which mines NIM at a much quicker rate.

As shown in the picture below, with an i7 PC we are able to reach up to 31 kh/s which is around 10 times faster than mining NIM through the web browser.

Again, it is a quite straightforward process but could be useful to have a look at some YouTube videos first to know the basics.

Nimiq desktop miner

Earn NIM through donations

The third way is through donations. If you have a website you can add a NIM button so anyone with a Nimiq account can donate NIM to you.

Donate NIM button

This is a more limited option available to those who have a website or a blog but if you want to see how it works, scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our donate NIM button.

Where to use your NIM

Well, after earning some NIM maybe you may want to spend them so you have some options like purchasing gift cards or products from the Nimiq shop.

Eventually, maybe by middle next year, there will be more ways to use our NIM. Have a look to the Nimiq roadmap every so often to know about what are the plans of the Nimiq team and what they are planning to deploy.

Buy gift card with NIMIQ

By the way, one very good deal is to purchase a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet through the Nimiq shop so you can store your NIM in an extra secure location.

That you don’t know what is hardware wallet?! Well, that is normal because you have just started your Crypto journey, and little by little, day by day, you will increase your knowledge.

Keep learning

By now you should already be a proud owner of a Nimiq account, have got some NIM through and faucet, and, maybe, have mined some NIM. 

In the process, I hope that you have made your account safe by downloading and safely storing your login file and learned how important it is to keep your account safe.

This post is just meant to show you a handy way to start giving your first crypto steps through the Nimiq blockchain. Now it is up to you to keep walking and leaning more.

 Let us know what you think of this post. We have tried to keep it simple but we can expand it if anyone has questions or wants more details

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