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Laundry washing ball

Laundry Washing Ball

We have been using a laundry washing ball at home at we can state that it works for us.

For those clothes that do not have any major stains, the laundry washing ball it is more than enough to have the clothes washed.


We are paying 15 euro for a 3,5 litres detergent bottle that, at 70 ml of detergent per cycle, allows us to run 50 cycles per bottle. 

Or, what it is the same, a cost of 30 cents per washing cycle.


We have paid 16,95 euro for our washing ball and it has a lifespan of 1000 washing cycles, or three years, which gives us a cost of 0,016 euro per washing cycle.

Laundry cost per cycle

How does the laundry washing ball work?

The washing ball that we are using works by using a combination of magnets, minerals and ceramic balls. 

This combination it is used to increase the water PH value so impurities can be loosen more easily and washed away.

You just need to put the washing ball inside your washing machine drum along the clothes, and that is it. 

Your clothes will be washed and no harmful substance or bleaches from detergents will finish up as part of the groundwater.

You can even add some fragrance for a natural laundry scent.  During the washing process, the fragrance is distributed throughout the laundry.

Just remember that after 25 washes should you place your washing ball in the sun to reactivate the effect of the mineral and ceramic balls.

Sustainable washing

Conventional detergents release ingredients into the ground water that are difficult to degrade and cannot be fully filtered by sewage systems.

The fragrances, bleaches and ingredients contained in detergents are a burden for the ecosystem.

Additionally, many of these ingredients cause allergic reactions in humans.

By using a laundry washing ball instead of detergents, you will be actively avoiding the pollution of the ground water and protecting the environment sustainably. 

Laundry cost

Do the math. It is very simple.

You must already know how much you are paying for your laundry detergent and how many loads you can run per bottle or per pack. 

Now just divide the cost of the detergent by the number of loads and you get the cost per cycle.

A laundry ball can be used up to 1000 times so it is just matter of dividing the cost of laundry ball by 1000 to know the cost per cycle.

Laundry cost per cycle

Choosing a laundry washing ball

The best advice we can give is, read the product reviews.

Clicking on the picture below will redirect you to the Amazon Germany website and to the product we have purchased for own use but, if you cannot get the same exact product in your country, there are many other vendors to choose from.

Just have a look to the product reviews to find those with the most positive feedback.

We want to leave very clear that for those clothes with major stains the washing ball may not be able to fully remove the stains. In those cases we are using detergent, until we come up with an eco friendly alternative.

For those clothes which just require to be washed up and refreshed, a laundry washing ball it is perfect alternative to detergents.

Ways to conserve water

Water conservation can be defined as the decision and the act of using less water

Water conservation both benefit you and the environment  

The act of saving and conserving water does benefit you because you will be paying less on your water bills. 

And it also does benefit the environment because conserving water prevents any unnecessary waste of natural resources.

Now, at individual level it may not look worth to try to save a few litres or gallons here or there. 

Still, every little counts and if hundreds or thousands of us do save a little every time, it will make an important contribution towards conserving our natural resources.


For example, if 9000 households would manage to save as little as 5 liters of water per day:

> Collectively, we would be saving over 16,000,000 liters of water per year!

> Collectively, assuming a cost of 2 euro per cubic meter of water, we would be saving nearly 33,000 euro per year!

It is clear that small water savings do really count when looking into the bigger picture.

Proven ways to save water at home

You may be interested on learning how to reduce your water consumption and save money on your water bill. Click on the video below and let us show you other ways to conserve water.

Proven ways to save water at home

All our videos can be found in YouTube, in both English and Spanish languages.

Additionally, if you are looking for water saving opportunities but you don’t know where to start, use our water usage calculators to estimate your water usage, the water costs and the potential savings. 

Fridge electricity usage calculator icon
Freezer electricity usage calculator icon
Dishwasher electricity and water usage calculator icon
Coffee machine electricity usage calculator icon
Coffee machine

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