Home electricity consumption calculators

It is on your interest to find out how much electricity you are using at home. 

– Do you know how much electricity your appliances are consuming? Your fridge, your washing machine, your tumble dryer…

– Do you know how much electricity you are consuming to illuminate your house? 

– Do you know how much electricity your home devices are consuming? The router that it is powered on 24×7, the PC monitor that it is in stand by mode while not in use, …

If you know how much electricity you are using at home, you can calculate the cost. Once you know the cost, it is easy to calculate how much money you could be saving by reducing your power consumption.

Effiworkx have made available several calculators that will help you finding out your home electricity consumption.

Lamps and bulbs electricity consumption calculator

Lamp electricity consumption calculator

The easiest way to know how much power it is being used to illuminate our houses, and the cost, it is to calculate the consumption and the cost of small units.

For example, if we have a lamp in our living room with seven bulbs and we know that the lamp it is used an average of 4 hours a day, we can easily calculate the power and cost consumption over time.

Another example, if in our bedroom we have 5 bulbs of the same power rating and we estimate that they are powered on 1 hour every day, we can easily find out how much electricity they are consuming and how much it is costing us.

Once we know how much we are consuming and the cost, we can also easily figure out how much we would be saving by swapping to more efficient bulbs or by decreasing the usage.

40 W8-12 W4-5 W
60 W13-18 W6-8 W
75 W18-22 W9-13 W
100 W23-30 W16-20 W

Standby electricity consumption calculator

Many houses have devices that are powered on 24×7, for example the router and the fridge.

We all want to have internet available at any time but it is good to be aware of much money it is costing us. Once we know the cost, next time that we need to buy a new router and we have to chose between two models, we will be making sure to buy the one which is consuming less.

Devices consuming electricity 24x7

In occasions, specially for small devices, we power rating tag is not showing the power consumption is Watts (W) or Kilowatts (kW). But once we know the voltage and current consumption, we can easily calculate the power consumption.


If the know the power consumption, for how long we are using the device every day and how much we are paying to our electricity provide per Kilowatt hour (kWh) consumed, we can calculate the power consumption and the cost over time.


Devices and appliances electricity consumption calculator

In general, it is simple to calculate our devices and appliances power consumption and cost over time, we just need to know:

– The device or appliance power rating

– For how long we are using the device or appliance any single day, in average.

– How much we are paying to our electricity supplier for every kWh we are consuming.


This calculator can give you an estimate of the power consumption and the cost but the most accurate way to find out the consumption of any device or appliance is to use a plug in power meter.

Plug in power meter electricity consumption

Buying an energy efficient appliance: is it worth?

Energy efficient appliances consume less electricity which means that we will be paying less every month on electricity bill. So far, it sounds good, isn’t it?

What we need to be aware of is that the energy efficient appliances are usually more expensive and we will be paying more for that energy efficient fridge, washing machine, dishwasher,…

The question here is, is it worth to pay that additional money to buy an energy efficient appliance that will be consuming less electricity?

Energy Efficient Appliance

We need to be very careful, because in occasions it is not profitable to buy a more efficient appliance because it may take many years for the monthly savings to offset the cost of buying that extra efficient appliance.


Reduce your consumption - Save electricity and money

All in all, there will be many ways at home to reduce our electricity consumption and save money and you just need to know where to look at.

Do you know much electricity (kWh) do your household consume? Ours it is consuming an average of 2700 kWh every year.

Our home electricity consumption in kWh

If you know your yearly power consumption you can also find out if your consumption is average when compared to your region or country. 

Find out how much you can save, for example, by reducing your heating consumption or by reducing your household consumption by 10%, 20% or even more.


If you are looking for tips and advice on how to save some electricity, have a look to this video that we have prepared about this very same topic.

All our videos can be found in YouTube, in both English and Spanish languages.

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