About us

Who are we

I am a family man, and electronic engineer and a project manager.

If you have never created a website, written content for a blog or made a video an publish it, you are at the same point I was in May 2019.

I started this website from zero knowledge and zero experience and this site it is the testimony that everyone can start a website and share valuable content from which everyone can benefit.

This is yet a one man show but I hope that soon my wife and children will join me in the Effiworkx journey.

What are our objectives

In May 2019, when I decided to step out of my comfort zone and create a website, I was looking for a topic. 

At that time I was also looking for ideas to save electricity and water at home and earn some passive/additional income. You know… when the family grows, also the expenses grow.

To make the story short, I added 2+2 and Effiworkx was born in August 2019. This is why our main topics of interest are:

Energy and water conservation at home

At some point or another, most of us get to wonder about how we can reduce our household’s electricity and water usage and save money on the utilities bills. 

We are all familiar with the potential savings of installing LED bulbs, purchase energy efficient appliances, take shorter showers to save water. But we really saving any significant electricity, water or money by following those ideas and advice?

In this website our objective it is find out what are the most efficient and cost effective ways to reduce our energy and water consumption so we can make a significant impact on decreasing both our utilities bills and our ecological footprint.

We are sharing what we are learning and we keep learning in the hope of making what we are sharing as reliable as possible.

Earning passive income from home 

Additionally, apart from reducing our utilities bills, we also aim towards earning some passive income from home. 

Passive income can be a good complement for those already working full time or a source of income for those looking for job opportunities.

We are earning passive income through many sources and we will be sharing what we learn so others can also benefit from earning some additional cash.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to share?

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