About Us

I am an engineer, a project manager and a economy and blockchain technology enthusiast but, above all, I am a family man.

If you have never created a website, written content for a blog or made a video an publish it, you are at the same point I was in May 2019.

I started this website from zero knowledge and zero experience and this site it is the testimony that everyone can start a website and share valuable content from which everyone can benefit.

This is yet a one man show but I hope that eventually my wife and children will join me in the Effiworkx journey.

What are the Effiworkx Website objectives

This website focus on two main topics:

> How to save on the bills and home expenses

As the family grows, so do the expenses grow. 

But there are many ways and opportunities to save on energy and water at home as well as reducing expenses by having an efficient and frugal lifestyle.

It is possible to save money at home while keeping the same level of comfort.

If we can do it, everybody can do it so we aim towards distributing our knowledge so anybody else can also benefit from it.

> How to earn passive income from home

There are many ways from which we can earn a (passive) income from home.

(Passive) income can be generated by starting and monetizing a website, or having a YouTube channel or doing some smart investment and put the money to work for us…

I mention (passive) between brackets because it actually takes quite a bit of effort to reach the goal of earning and maintaining passive income… but it can be done.

Again, if it works for us it can work for everyone else so we will be creating content showing how to reach the goal of earning passive income from home.

I hope that you find the content of this website of interest.

If you would like to make a suggestion or a proposal, please feel free to reach to us. We will be glad to hear from you. 

Find all our videos on YouTube

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