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How to lower your expenses and earn money from home

The path towards financial freedom requires to both control our expenses and making enough money:

High income but high expenses will not work on the long run, and anyone on this path will eventually find out that high expenses lead to cash flow problems.

Low expenses but low income will not work either on the long run, and anyone on this path will eventually find out that saving cents does not solve your financial problems.

How to save
How to lower your expenses
How to earn
How to earn money from home

Financial freedom requires both to keep expenses under control and having multiple sources of income. 

Because a single source of income has rarely make anyone rich.

This is, most probably working a 9 to 5 job for someone else will NOT make you affluent…

On this website you will find out the most efficient ways to decrease our expenses and creating additional sources of income working from home.

Proven ways to lower your bills and reduce your home expenses.

How to save on

Are your bills too high?

Do you think that maybe you are spending too much energy, water, groceries…?

Click on one of the icons below to learn how to lower you home expenses and save money.

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Smart recycling
Renewable energy at home
Renewable power

Power usage and electricity cost calculators

Use our online calculators to find out the electricity usage and electricity cost of your appliances and devices and how to lower your bills and save money.

Water usage and water cost calculators

Use our online calculators to find out your water usage and water cost at home and how to reduce your water usage to pay less on your water bills.

Effiworkx YouTube channel videos

Because one video is worth one thousand words, have a look to our YouTube videos on how to save at home.

How to save Blog posts

Find out smart ideas to lower your home expenses in our blog page.

There are many ways to earn money from home.

From working on your own business to earn passive income on traditional or digital assets.

How to earn money from home

But, the ways to earn income from home may not be so obvious for those who have always worked for someone else on a standard 9 to 5 job.

On this section we explore those ways that anyone with a PC and internet connection could use to generate income from home.


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